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elfshampoowhore's Journal

Legolas Greenleaf
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Oh you want to hear about me? Well then, I suppose I'd be cruel not to tell you ALLL About me!

I Am Legolas Greenleaf (in Elvish both names translate into Greenleaf, which is cause for so much torment. Ah, silly silly bullies), Prince of Mirkwood. I am an aspiring Hair Stylist (although I prefer the term "Hair Artist" pronounced "Arteest"!).

My Favorite Shampoo is Aussie...No, I mean Herbal Essences!...NO! I Daresay I meant Pantene Pro V. NO NO NO! I mean Alberto V0 5!!! I mean....Oh bother...

Moving along, I am an expert Archer. Orcs, beware. I'll slap yo' ass up like a slab o' meat! And, if I have the time, I will dye your hair PINK! Granted, a very lovely shade of pink, but I've come to learn that many Orcs hate Pink. I don't know why, it's such a lovely color. Silly Orcs.

And, also, All who reads this should really join This Community, it's Heaven on Earth, right next to my bathroom:

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Come join the fun at insane_lotr_rpg, they still have avliable Characters, and accept OC (Orignal) characters as well!

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The insane_lotr_rpg is Insane Love